Nucleus 6
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Nucleus 6

“Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor

The small, light sound processor that delivers seamless connectivity and enhanced hearing performance.

Get the most from your hearing

The Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor includes SmartSound® iQ with SCAN technology, a feature that helps you understand speech1 so you focus on what’s being said.

Filter out background noise Dual microphones work together to reduce sound from behind and to the sides so you hear more of what you want.

Boost your remaining hearing Use the integrated hearing aid functionality to help you use the hearing you have to understand speech in complex listening environments.

Improve your speech understanding Enhance your hearing with SmartSound iQ with SCAN technology. It automatically applies the best direction and settings for your microphone to help you understand other peoples’ speech.

Hear your best wherever you are Never miss a moment — in a quiet room or outside on a windy day, your sound processor will automatically adjust using SmartSound iQ with SCAN.

Confidence comes from clarity

Talk on the phone Enjoy better sound quality with audio streaming using the Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip. Watch TV comfortably Take in your favourite TV show at your own personal volume and without the need for closed captions using the TV Streamer.

Focus on the conversation with ease The Mini Microphone 2+ streams sound directly to your sound processor.

Hear more clearly, whether you’re in a classroom, at work or in a busy restaurant.

Bring sound closer – no strings attached Free yourself of wires with Cochlear True Wireless™ technology and focus less on hearing and more on what’s important.”

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