Fitting ABD Online
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Fitting ABD Online

Oticon RemoteCare App lets you hold a virtual appointment with your hearing care professional, where they can remotely adjust your hearing aids.

It is important to note that Oticon RemoteCare is intended to be used for follow-up appointments for hearing aids previously fitted in the clinic. It is meant to provide ease and convenience for both HCPs and their clients, but cannot replace in-clinic diagnostics, a first hearing aid fitting, or the actual interaction or counselling of an HCP

Oticon RemoteCare can Help HCPs provide support remotely, securely, and comfortably, Help clients when and where they need it most, for example they are:

On vacation and have a hearing aid issue that needs to be immediately addressed

Experiencing an injury/sickness but still want to keep their appointment

At home or work and are having difficulty scheduling an appointment due to time or transport constraints

In specific challenging environments where they are struggling to hear

Pandemic like Covid 19

The Oticon RemoteCare system allows HCPs and users to stay connected throughout the hearing care journey – without compromising personal care!


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